Age of Innocence
Performance marketing: comprehensive promotion and the scaling of online store sales in the global market
One of the trends born during the pandemic was the increased development of e-commerce: numerous restrictions and mass digitalization have influenced the behavioral activity of buyers, inclining them to opt for online stores.
Along with the growth of consumer selectivity, competition among companies in the online market continues to grow. Online store owners need to use a variety of services and tools (such as performance marketing) to stand out from the competitors and draw attention to the brand.
About the company
Age of Innocence —European brand of premium shoes, presented on the global online market.

The company focuses on the production of shoes for girls from 0 to 16 years old, collections for boys, and a shoe capsule for women. The main concept is trendy shoes with elements of English chic that can make your child look as stylish and elegant as their parents.
The brand is popular among world-class celebrities. For example, Ksenia Sobchak expressed her gratitude to the brand for new shoes on her Instagram account after the wedding of Alisher Morgenstern, and the children of Kate Middleton and Prince William spent the first day at school wearing Age of Innocence shoes.

Target audience: upper-middle-income moms who have a sense of style and are willing to pamper their kids for no reason.
Target audience: upper-middle-income moms who have a sense of style and are willing to pamper their kids for no reason.
Goals and objectives of the agency
main goal
The main goal for our team was to generate sales in the online store on the global market (with the exception of Russia and Asia).
Advertising campaign objectives
  • The development of an advertising strategy
  • The launch of advertising campaigns in FB/IG in order to warm up the audience and generate sales
  • The launch of contextual advertising on Google to retarget potential buyers who interacted with the brand on FB/IG and also to drive new traffic to the site in order to purchase the product
The course of work
Our work includes the following steps:
Market research and analysis
The launch of advertising campaigns
Hypothesis testing
Optimization of advertising processes
1. Market research and analysis
At the first stage, we conducted the analysis of competitors (we looked at the experience of competitors in the industry: which creatives are published and on which sites). Then, we evaluated the advertising auction abroad, concentrating on the regions set in the task: the USA, UK and Middle East. This turned out to be quite a complex process due to the scale of the total market volume. We also studied the needs and characteristics of the potential target audience and the seasonal demand of the product.
2. The launch of advertising campaigns
At the initial stage, we decided to launch contextual and targeted advertising at the same time so that they could work together (Google, FB / IG and their affiliate networks). We also launched several advertising campaigns to lead a potential customer through the marketing funnel to the actual purchase.

Later, instead of conducting a conversion campaign, the following were launched:
  • catalog campaigns to attract targeted customers and increase sales
  • retargeting campaigns with the aim of repurchasing/ making new purchases
  • traffic and reach campaigns to increase the brand awareness among potential buyers
3. Hypothesis Testing
During our work with the brand we have tested many hypotheses, starting from the format of creatives (which formats bring better results) and the selection of audiences, ending with advertising funnels with landing pages. The hardest part was to figure out which creatives would appeal the most with to audience.
4. Optimization of advertising processes
MIGEL AGENCY performance marketers constantly monitor advertising campaigns and work on their optimization. Our efforts are mainly focused on such indicators as CPO and CAC, as well as on one of the main goals of the campaign - the increase of the Total value since these metrics are especially important for business.
5. Analytics
We regularly analyze several areas: each stage of customer interactions with us, advertising channels/campaigns, website traffic, creatives, etc.

With the help of analytics, we determined that a customer makes a purchase in the period from 2 to 4 touchpoints, which occur in approximately 3 days. With the help of this data, we built an effective sales funnel that makes a profit.
Visual examples

Challenges we had to face
Advertising creatives in Russia differ significantly from creatives in the US and Europe, namely, while the Russian advertising market allows formats, which are easy to perceive, in the West, responsible intellectual advertising is more popular. By this we mean the advertising that is based more on facts than on engaging.

From the point of view of copywriting, the task was to prepare concise, bold, easy-to-read texts. To create the desired effect, we used slang words that attract attention and stimulate a faster purchase decision.
Our Results:
Thanks to an integrated approach, we were able to increase sales by 30% quarterly (compared to the previous quarter), as well as reduce CPO (cost per order) to 25% and marketing costs of total profit to 21%.